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(May 23, 2011) Hilda from Old Forest Hill writes:

I would much rather use Crystal Cleaning Cleaning Services than any chain service. Crystal Clear Cleaning Services does a great job and can react to whatever strange circumstance we throw at them -- from house guests to home improvement projects. They easily adapt to our schedule and our needs. They're great!

(Feb. 14, 2011) Debbie from Riverdale writes:

Crystal Clear has provided cleaning services for us for over 3 years. They have been efficient, thorough, and on time in their work. They all have extremely pleasing personalities and are a pleasure to deal with.

(Dec. 25 2010) Olivia from Woodbridge, Ont. writes:

I have been a customer of Crystal Cleaning Cleaning Service for years. I have have always been very satisfied with the cleaning services they provide. Igal is ever ready to work out our scheduling problems and quick to take care of any special cleaning needs. He is also very fair in his pricing. They usually come in after christmas and cleans my home is very fast and efficient manner. One of the cleaning ladies is Angel. The name fits her well, for she is also very friendly and a pleasant person to be around. Fast, friendly, efficient, and fair is all I could ever hope for in dealing with a business and I get all that and more from Crystal Clear Cleaning Services.